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Social Responsibility


– We will install as many solar panels as we can to meet our electricity needs for our mine. We will produce and consume all of our needs in our offices, dormitories, and dining hall by utilizing solar energy, a renewable energy source we produce from these panels.

– We will replace all our work machines with electrical work machines within 2 years. We will establish electrical charging stations for these, and we will again benefit from solar energy electricity panels.

– We will use all hand tools electrically.

– In the Cafeteria, our meals will be cooked with electric cookers.

– We will replace all our light bulbs with energy-saving light bulbs.

– We will place 4-5 garbage collection stations in the construction site. There will be separate boxes for batteries, metals, papers, and plastics. There will be a main collection station at the main entrance of the construction site. By signing a contract with the solid waste collection company, we will ensure that these wastes are delivered to the recycling facilities on a regular basis.

– We will approach and work with the aim of reducing plastic consumption to zero in the mine. We will operate completely free of plastics.

– We will proceed by digging in the mine. We will definitely not work by blasting. Birds’ transit routes will not be affected, and they will not be forced to leave their nests and migrate.

-Water and food will be placed on the roofs of cafeterias, dormitories, and office buildings regularly. It will be made a stop where birds can easily find and feed in nature.

– We will afforest the vacant and unused areas of our project area, areas that will not affect our crossing lines and will not return again. All the gaps closed after the explorations in the mine will be afforested by obtaining permission.

– All of our workers will be given courses and lessons on protecting the environment and benefiting from natural resources. Workers who do not take this course and pass the proficiency test prepared by us will not be allowed to work.

– Trees will be planted in the Salihli Gökköy Soil Conservation and Erosion Control Application area of the Tema foundation.

– Companies that buy stones from us on the land under the control of the Tema foundation in the same Salihli will be encouraged to donate and contribute to afforestation.

– Heat insulation and energy-saving in Dining Hall, Dormitory, and Office Buildings.

– All units will benefit from heating electricity, and therefore we will use the electricity we produce from solar panels.

– Effective methods of combating Global Warming will be implemented according to the 1972 Stockholm conference.


– Within the scope of the Zero Waste project, villagers will be taught to think and not to consume unnecessarily.

– It will be encouraged to repair broken faucets and not to waste water.

– Training will be given on the evaluation and reuse of the materials they use.

– Training will be given to use energy-saving light bulbs.

– It will be ensured that washing machines and dishwashers are not run before they are fully loaded, thus saving electricity and water.

– It will be ensured that the use of detergents that will harm nature in dishwashers and washing machines will be restricted.

– Accumulation of waste oils will be ensured, and they will be encouraged to be collected and transported to solid and liquid waste facilities.

– Avoidance of plastic will be ensured, and training will be given. Alternative ways will be explained.

– All the above-mentioned behaviors will be made a habit, and regular supervision and control will be provided by us.